Monday, November 29, 2010

FAO Policy on Indigenous and Tribal Peoples

This policy document aims to provide FAO with a framework to guide its work on indigenous peoples’ issues. Currently, activities undertaken follow no systematic course of action relating to such issues and will benefit greatly from the delineation of a common direction and approach. Furthermore, it is also of relevance to indigenous peoples themselves, helping to communicate and clarify what they can reasonably expect from the Organization. The document highlights some of the key areas covered by FAO’s mandate and addresses the motivations as well as the advantages of a partnership between FAO and indigenous peoples. It is the result of a series of consultations with leaders of indigenous peoples, the UNPFII, the Inter-Agency Support Group on Indigenous Issues (IASG) and members of FAO’s professional body. As such, it addresses a diverse set of outlooks and feasible opportunities for future work.

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