Thursday, September 22, 2016

How open science helps researchers succeed

Open access, open data, open source and other open scholarship practices are growing in popularity and necessity. However, widespread adoption of these practices has not yet been achieved. One reason is that researchers are uncertain about how sharing their work will affect their careers.

This article review literature demonstrating that open research is associated with increases in citations, media attention, potential collaborators, job opportunities and funding opportunities. 

Findings are evidence that open research practices bring significant benefits to researchers relative to more traditional closed practices.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Book Pick - ORI

The life and times of Ngamiland : the story of Maun by Malgorzata Dziewiecka

Maun is an African village popular among hunters, photographers, nature lovers, adventurers, travelers, ecologists, geologists, and zoologists. It is also a popular place for safaris and it has a renowned reputation in the world of writers and film makers. Situated in the Okavango, it was discovered for the outside world by David Livingstone and ever since has been known as "the last Eden on Earth." Although the village is popular among visitors, only a person living in Maun can fully appreciate its beauty and value. The uniqueness of Maun lies in its remoteness from the modern world, in it being situated in the heart of the wilderness. Because of this, the villagers live in a highly diverse cultural environment, which combines elements of all historical periods, with the prehistoric and the modern existing side by side. The book features a number of historic photographs, documents, maps, and reports of the adventures of early travelers such as Livingstone and Selous. It also includes the history of the Ghanzi settlement, and even the story of the Batawana's first settlement in Kwebe, from which the recorded history of Ngamiland begins, as reported by Major Lugard to the British West Charterland Co.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

BOTS 50 Independence Day Celebration

Below are book picks  about Botswana ,please pass by and browse through what we have.

Title The life and times of Ngamiland the story of Maun / by Malgorzata Dziewiecka
Publisher 2012

Title Botswana, 1939-1945 : an African country at war / Ashley Jackson
Publisher Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1999

Title A history of Ngamiland 1790 to 1906: the formation of an African State / Thomas Tlou
Publisher Gaborone: Macmillan Botswana: Botswana Book Centre: Longman, 1985

Title Seretse Khama 1921-80 / by Thomas Tlou, Neil Parsons and Willie Henderson
Publisher Gaborone, BW: Botswana Society, 1995


Thursday, August 11, 2016

New Books

The library has received new books. You are invited to come and browse them. Among them is a book titled "Flooding: Risk Factors, Environmental Impacts and Management Strategies" that is written by ORI researchers.

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

African farmers say they can feed the world...

Food exhibitions in the Mediterranean region tend to attract a familiar cast of characters. There are the Gulf Arab agribusinesses, looking to expand their reach, and the large-scale European farming and logistics companies, who are turning out in ever-greater numbers as they seek out new markets for goods that had previously gone to Russia.

But tucked among the usual raft of suspects at this year’s Food Africa expo in Cairo in April were a few participants with far less consistent attendance records.

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

African Cultural Heritage Conservation and Management: Theory and Practice

    Dr Susan Keitumetse, a Research Scholar at ORI, has recently had a book titled: African Cultural      
Heritage Conservation and Management: Theory and Pracice; published by Springer Publishers.

The book with 9 chapters, offers a synchronised scholarly and practical approach to African cultural heritage resources conservation, adequate with the emerging field of cultural heritage studies in the modern world. It introduces the hypothetical approaches to cultural heritage studies and practice from an African context which is currently missing in the literature on the subject. Furthermore, the book provides a research and teaching guide as well as instructional material to academics interested in African cultural heritage resources.

The book is now out online, with table of contents and is ready for orders from the publisher. Delivery is free by publisher.

Click the link for details: The book