Wednesday, July 23, 2008

7th Southern Africa Fire Network (SAFNet) Workshop

The 7th Southern Africa Fire Network (SAFNet) Workshop will be held in Caprivi, Namibia on 22-26th September 2008. The workshop, Towards Effective Regional Fire Management, Policies and Operations Status aims to foster more effective and appropriate fire management policies and practices in Southern Africa through the use of remote sensing, GIS and other geo-spatial information technologies. Fire monitoring and research remains sporadic and fractured in Southern Africa, as is the case for the rest of the continent. Building capacity on fire research, generation of up to date fire information and formulating informed fire management policies and strategies are key to sustainable development and climate change mitigation and adaptation in Africa.

The workshop will include a demonstration on controlled burning and training sessions on the use of MODIS and Landsat satellite fire products for operational fire management.

The workshop organizers are calling for abstracts for oral presentations and posters. Those who wish to be considered for training sessions should provide their CV and a brief explanation on why they need this training. Abstracts and applications for training should be forwarded by 25th July 2008 to: Mark Tadross, University of Cape Town, South Africa with a copy to Opha Pauline Dube, University of Botswana.

In HOORC's Library, you can find A fire management plan for the Okavango Delta Ramsar site in Botswana : final report.

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