Friday, February 09, 2007

New in HOORC's Library: GlobWetland proceedings

HOORC hydrology specialist Piotr Wolski and ecologist Mike Murray-Hudson contributed papers to the November 2006 conference, GlobWetland: Looking at Wetlands from Space, the proceedings newly arrived in HOORC's Library. Reconstruction 1989- 2005: Inundation History In The Okavango Delta From Archival Landsat Tm Imagery and Envisat Asar Global Mode Capabilities For Global Monitoring Of Wetlands (with A. Bartsch, W. Wagner, K. Scipal, C. Pathe, D. Sabel) may be found online and in HOORC's library collection. The GlobWetland Project, funded through the European Space Agency's Data User Element (DUE), aims at developing demonstration products based on earth observation to improve the ability of wetland managers to better monitor and assess the condition of wetlands within their respective countries.

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