Monday, March 27, 2006

HOORC researchers' paleoenvironment study

HOORC researchers Phillipa Huntsman-Mapila, Susan Ringrose and Cornelis Vanderpost are co-authors with others of an article in the latest issue Quaternary International, Use of the geochemical and biological sedimentary record in establishing palaeo-environments and climate change in the Lake Ngami basin, NW Botswana. The article reports that results of a study of sediments in the dry bed of Lake Ngami confirm that the present-day anti-phase rainfall relationship between southern Africa and regions of equatorial Africa was extant during the late Quaternary over the Angolan highlands and northwest Botswana. You can find the article in HOORC’s Library, as well as an explanation of sedimentological evidence of environmental change in The Encyclopedic Dictionary of Environmental Change.

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