Monday, January 30, 2006

New in HOORC's Library: Botswana Notes and Records special issue

Volume 37 of Botswana Notes and Records is a HOORC special issue: Human Interactions and Natural Resource Dynamics in the Okavango Delta and Ngamiland. Contents of the issue, selected and refereed by HOORC Senior Research Fellow Barbara Ngwenya, demonstrate the breadth and variety of issues facing Okavango planners. Here's what's inside the issue:

Cost benefit analysis of commercial fishing in Shakawe, Ngamiland – G. Mmopelwa, S. Raletsatsi and K. Mosepele

The economic contribution of safari hunting to rural livelihoods in the Okavango : the case of Sankuyo Village – O.T. Thakadu, K.T. Mangadi, F.E. Bernard and J. Mbaiwa

Sustainable development and natural resource competition and conflicts in the Okavango Delta – J. Mbaiwa and M.B.K. Darkoh

Community based natural resource management and social sustainability in Ngamiland – D. L. Kgathi and B.N. Ngwenya

The dynamics of tourist visitation to national parks and game reserves in Botswana – L.I. Magole and O. Gojamang

Household willingness to pay for reliability of water supply and quality in Chobe suburb of Maun : an application of the contingent valuation method – G. Mmopelwa, D.L. Kgathi, W.R.L. Masamba and A. Thukuza

Community attitudes and perceptions towards urban ecological issues in Maun and Gaborone – E.N. Toteng, J.E. Mbaiwa and N.N. Moswete

The impact of extreme flooding of the Okavango River on the livelihood of the molapo farming community of Tubu village, Ngamiland sub-district – L. Magole and B.N. Ngwenya

HIV/AIDS, intra-family resource capacity and home care in Maun – B.N. Ngwenya and B.M. Butale

HIV/AIDS, home care and human waste disposal in Botswana – O.M. Phorano, K. Nthomang and B.N. Ngwenya

Aspects of seasonal dynamics of flooding in the Okavango Delta – P. Wolski, T. Masaka, L. Raditsebe and M. Murray-Hudson

Early maps of Ngamiland and the Okavango Delta – C. VanderPost

Preliminary assessment of the feeding ecology of the silver catfish (Schilbe intermedius, Ruppel, 1832) in a seasonal floodplain of the Okavango Delta – K. Mosepele, B. Mosepele and L. Williams

Spatial and seasonal variation of major cation and selected trace metal ion concentrations in the Okavango-Maunachira-Khwai channels of the Okavango Delta – W.R.L. Masamba and A. Muzila

Habitat utilization by impala (Aepyceros melampus) in the Okavango Delta – C.M. Bonyongo

Preliminary land-use and land-cover mapping iin the Upper Okavango Basin and implications for the Okavango Delta – C. VanderPost, S. Ringrose and M. Seely

Islands in the Okavango Delta as sinks of water-bourne nutrients – P. Wolski, M. Murray-Hudson, P. fernkvist, A. Liden, P. Huntsman-Mapila and L. Ramberg

Calcrete mapping and paleo-environments in the Qangwa Area, Northwest Botswana – L. Gobagoba, T. Meyer, S. Ringrose, A.B. Kampunzu and S. Coetzee

An analysis of spatial and temporal variations in the Okavango Delta fishery : towards the development of a fisheries management plan – K. Mosepele and B. Mosepele

Using population parameters to separate fish stocks in the Okavango Delta fishery : a preliminary assessment – K. Mosepele, B. Onalethata, B. Mosepele and B. Thethela

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