Monday, March 07, 2016

Agenda for zero discrimination in health care

UNAIDS and the Global Health Workforce Alliance are launching an Agenda for Zero Discrimination in Health Care. The agenda supports a vision for a world where everyone, everywhere, enjoys health services without discrimination and where the health workforce is empowered to provide discrimination-free services to all.

Many people around the world face barriers to accessing quality health-care services and realizing the highest attainable standard of health. The multiple reasons for this vary across countries and communities. Even where health-care services are available and of good quality, people often experience or fear stigma and discrimination, which prevent them from accessing the health services they need and are entitled to receive.

A new report by Asia Catalyst produced in collaboration with eight community-based organizations in Cambodia, China, Myanmar and Viet Nam has documented discriminatory practices in health-care settings specifically against people living with HIV. Findings include experiences of involuntary HIV testing, involuntary disclosure of status, segregation, arbitrary additional expenses imposed due to HIV status and medical advice against pregnancy and for sterilization on the sole basis of HIV status.

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