Monday, February 18, 2013

The Power of Public Discourse

The concept of open development emphasises a greatly increased supply of information available to citizens on the issues, products, and services that shape their lives. It means that:
• Governments should make information on budgets accessible and intelligible.
• Local authorities should provide access to information about the provision of services that citizens can expect, and
• Donors should be transparent about what they are spending, specifying for what and why, and doing so in forms that beneficiaries can use.
The demand for such information is expected to come from citizens, particularly those who believe that money  allocated to improving their schools, clinics, or roads is not being spent effectively. The demand is also expected to come from civil society and media, those who are able to make sense of often complex information. An ideal objective of most accountability initiatives that make up the open development paradigm is to make this information accessible to those whose lives it most affects.

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