Thursday, January 19, 2012

Decongesting the Chobe Riverfront

The overcrowding of the most popular of area of the Chobe National Park has been a concern for years. Statistics show that over 75 vehicles enter the Chobe National Park through its Sedudu gate every day. These include day trippers from neighbouring countries of Zimbabwe and Zambia, safari goers from lodges and camps in Kasane and Kazungula.Although most safari companies want something to be done about the situation, few are willing to give up prime game drive routes and schedules. The Department of Wildlife and National Parks has drawn up a strategy to address this situation. In 2009, it introduced the Chobe Riverfront Decongesting Strategy, with its first phase of implememntation started in 2009. This multi-pronges strategy is in various phases of implementation and the continued engagement of the tourism industry through the Local Advisory Consultative Committee(LACOM) has been critical in the success of the implemented phases.

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