Thursday, January 20, 2011


On or around 21st January the noon sun will once again be directly overhead Maun. That is to say at solar noon (about 1 o’clock in the afternoon) the sun will be beaming down from a position directly (90 degrees) overhead.

This happens twice per season. Firstly, it happens around 22st November when the sun is ‘moving’ (nb. it is in fact the earth which is moving of course) from being overhead over the equator to the southern Tropic (23.5 degrees South). From that day till the 21st January (the second time the sun appears directly overhead) the sun appears in the southern sky. After January 21st the sun will again appear in the northern sky until the next season comes around.

The dates of the overhead sun for any place on earth (between the tropics) can be read from a ‘Table of the declination of the Sun’ such as the one at the following website:

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