Wednesday, January 19, 2011

ORI presentations at Colloquim of African Geology23

Dr. Sorcha Diskin, a scientist from ORI has just returned from the CAG23 (Colloquium of African Geology) conference which was held at the University at Johannesburg from 9th-14th January 2011.This colloquium takes place every two years and this was only the fifth time it took place in Africa. Dr. Diskin presented the following two papers: "Characterisation of early BaTawana pottery from the Khwebe Hills of Northern Botswana: Implications for Raw Material Sourcing" - S. Diskin and C. Ashley; and "Southern Botswanas Ecca and Beaufort Groups: where did their sediments come from?" - S. Diskin and M. Wendorff. The full proceedings of the conference are now available in the ORI Library.

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