Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Birds and People

BirdLife Botswana is rapidly transforming itself from a social bird-watching club to a scientifically-based, professional bird conservation agency, and the advent of this newsletter is in keeping with that trend. The newsletter picks up on the interest generated by a modest, four-page BirdLife Botswana handout entitled “BOTSWANA BIRDS CONSERVATION“, that was sent out three years ago; as a result of this, we now have a substantial and growing network of field birders who contribute regular information to BirdLife Botswana’s bird database, and who play a role in monitoring and conserving birds in their areas.
The primary purpose of this newsletter is to provide feedback to people in the network; the subscription fee is in the hard currency of information! Please feel free to pass your copy on to someone else who you know would like to play an active role in bird monitoring and conservation. Download the conservation newsletter here in .pdf format
Current issues
BLB Birds and People Newsletter 27
BLB Birds and People Newsletter 23
BLB Birds and People Newsletter 24
BLB Birds and People Newsletter 25
BLB Birds and People Newsletter 26
If you cannot open the newsletters, it may be because Adobe Reader is not installed on your computer. You can download the programme for free here

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