Monday, March 22, 2010

New at HOORC Library: Assessing vulnerability to global environmental change;making research useful for adaptation decision making and policy

With the reduction of vulnerability in every one's mind, the logical reasoning dicatates that resources should be distributed in such a way that most in need receive the assistance they need. that being the case, should this assistance include funds purely for adapting to climate change or will it also provide resources for combating the root of vulnerability, which is poverty. If we undertake vulnerability assessments, i.e. bringing together information on the exposure and sensitivity of a particular population or environment to change, and assessing its adaptive capacity to deal with this change, vulnerability analyses can succeed in highlighting areas of concern and accordingly inform political decision-making processes. In a broader context, these assessments can also highlight the far-reaching impacts of environmental changes and thus help to trigger political action in order to avoid these. The book is available at the HOORC Library.

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