Tuesday, April 07, 2009

IFAD InnoWat site

UNPulse has alerted us to a new online resource from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD): Learning and knowledge on innovations in water and rural poverty (InnoWat). Described as a kit, the site offers a summary of two approach papers that provide the rationale for the project, topic sheets, fact sheets, tool sheets and case studies. The topic sheets are the backbone of the kit, each an executive summary of a detailed, technical background paper on the same subject, covering a variety of water-related thematic areas, with case studies to guide interventions. Some of the issues addressed by the topic sheets, which are downloadable PDFs:

Agriculture, livelihoods and farming systems
Water and livestock for rural livelihoods
Inland fisheries and aquaculture
Rural water, sanitation and hygiene
Water retention and harvesting
Managing green water: Soil moisture management
Spate irrigation
Water user groups in the new rurality
Payments for watershed services
Reinforcing gender equity.

You can find the resource online.

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