Monday, April 20, 2009

High water

View from the front seat of the Heaths' truck en route to Chief's Camp

This year's Okavango flood continues to be the talk of the region. Roger and Alison Heath of plantsandpeopleafrica, reported that their drive several weeks ago from Maun to their new survey camp at Chief's Camp involved 16 water crossings -- with water reaching the windscreen of their truck eight times. And HOORC governance researcher Dr Lin Cassidy came back from an Easter weekend canoeing trip at the base of the Panhandle with scratches from passing thorny trees now in deep water.

In HOORC's Library you can read the novel, Okavango Gods by Anthony Fleisher, a fictional account of survival during a great flood in the the Delta.

Lin Cassidy's friends canoeing among the thorn trees in Ikoga dryland forest

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