Thursday, October 30, 2008

Government notices of interest to the Okavango community

From the Botswana Government Gazette, Vol. XLVI, no. 66, 21 October 2008

Supplement B: Public Service Bill 2008, Botswana Telecommunications Corporation (Transition) Bill, 2008, Electoral (Amendment) Bill, 2008, Architects’ Registration Bill, 2008, Media Practitioners Bill, 2008, Veterinary Surgeons Bill, 2008, Engineers Registration (Amendment) Bill, 2008, Civil Aviation Authority (Amendment) Bill, 2008

From the Botswana Government Gazette, Vol. XLVI, no. 67, 24 October 2008

Road Transport Permits Act, Road Transport (Permits) Regulations: application for road transport permits “P” permits for mobile safaris, Maun: Calypso Agencies, Shifting Sands, Tranction Safaris, Danielle Investment, Mosu Safari Tours, Malachite Safaris. Wilderness Dawning Pty., Drifters Safaris.
Republic of Botswana: Tender: Supply of an amphibious vehicle for the Okavango Water Quality Management Project
North West District Council: Tender: Works contract for consultancy services for the provision of project management and construction supervision of Shakawe raw water intake structure and treatment plant upgrading

Tender announcements and documents may also be found on the Government of Botswana web site. The entire issue of the Government Gazette may be read in HOORC’s Library.

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