Friday, June 27, 2008

Newly catalogued in HOORC's Library: Maun River Front Study

Maun river front study : the relation between a village and a river in Botswana : a landscape architectural study : a minor field study by Michael Bergman and Inga-Lill Cras was published in 1994 by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences as part of its Working Paper series. Field work for the study was initiated by Botswana's District Land Use Planning Unit to look at the use and importance of the Thamalakane River to the village of Maun and was funded by the Swedish International Development Authority (SIDA). The report is a lively compilation of text, press clippings, maps, advertisements, photographs and diagrams that frame the student planners' recommendations. These included improving walking access to and along the river, limiting access to the river by cattle, planting of "green fingers" vegetation in the village centre and building of washing stations for people without access to running water. You can find the report in the HOORC Library's Peter Smith Collection.

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