Monday, June 16, 2008

LandSat TM mapping of mopane

Mapping of colophospermum mopane using Landsat TM in eastern Botswana recently published in the South African Geographical Journal by Reuben J. Sebego, Wolter Arnberg, Bengt Lunden and HOORC researcher Susan Ringrose, reports results of a study of the range of mopane trees and related soils in Botswana. Methods applied in the exercise used the possibilities of integrated applications of geographic information systems and remote sensing to detect and delineate spectral classes of C. mopane and of soils. Results demonstrated the utility of CIR photographs in selecting training areas for the classification of Landsat TM imagery, that Landsat TM can be used to map the distribution pattern of mopane, that the much needed inventorying of vegetation in Botswana can be carried out using remote sensing, and that spectral classes of soil and vegetation have a positive relationship. You can find the article in HOORC's Library.

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