Thursday, April 10, 2008

Okavango Delta floodplain plant physiology

Seasonal and inter-annual photosynthetic response of representative C4 species to soil water content and leaf nitrogen concentration across a tropical seasonal floodplain by K. B. Mantlana, A. Arneth, E. M. Veenendaal, P. Wohland, HOORC hydrologist Piotr Wolski, O. Kolle and J. Lloyd, reports the findings of five measurement campaigns carried out with three plant species in Okavango Delta grasslands over a period of two years. For all three species there was significant variation in photosynthetic fluxes from one year to another that was related to variation in leaf nitrogen and phosphorus, interpreted by the researchers as a response to the soil water content. You can find the article, published in the Journal of Tropical Ecology Volume 24 (2) (2008), in HOORC's Library.

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