Saturday, January 26, 2008

Kalahari environmental change workshop

A workshop, Environmental Change in the Kalahari Region, will be held in Maun, Botswana on the 3rd – 6th March, 2008. There are four major themes for the workshop:

1) Monitoring for environmental change
2) Palaeo-environmental change in Africa
3) Environmental change and human well being
4) Transboundary range resource issues.

An objective of the workshop is to form a research group of people currently engaged in studying environmental change in Africa, with a specific focus on the Kalahari region.

A significant portion of time will be dedicated to proposal writing for each of the groups under the major themes listed above.

For more information contact: Prof. Sue Ringrose – or Dr. Philippa Huntsman-Mapila – Information about HOORC researchers and their work can be obtained from

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