Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Recent HOORC research publications

Percentage of Botswana district communal land available for use after reforms, from Magole

Recent publications issued by HOORC academic staff and associates make a multidisciplinary contribution to natural resources issues relevant to Okavango Delta planning and management. Dr Lapologang Magole's paper in the conservation and human rights special issue of the IUCN's Policy Matters, The history of conservation evictions in Botswana : the struggle continues, with new hope provides an account of land use issues in the context if the recent CKGR-San court decision. Dr Barbara Ngwenya and Keta Mosepele write about the value of fisheries to HIV/AIDS affected households in HIV/AIDS, artisanal fishing and food security in the Okavango Delta, Botswana in Physics and Chemistry of the Earth. The same issue of the journal contains The challenges of supplying water to small, scattered communities in the Lower Okavango Basin (LOB), Ngamiland, Botswana : an evaluation of government policy and performance by Dr Larry A. Swatuk and Phemo K. Kgomotso; Assessment of environmental flow requirements for river basin planning in Zimbabwe by Dr Dominic Mazvimavi, E. Madamombe, and H. Makurira; and A study of fluoride groundwater occurrence in Nathenje, Lilongwe, Malawi by K.W.M. Msonda, Dr. W.R.L. Masamba and E. Fabiano. Dr Cornelis Vanderpost, Professor Susan Ringrose, Professor D.L. Kgathi and Wilma Matheson published The nature and possible causes of land cover change (1984 -1996) along a rainfall gradient in southeastern Botswana in Geocarto and Dr Vanderpost looked at how to measure the impact of human sprawl in Protected areas in Ngamiland, Botswana : investigating options for conservation-development through human footprint mapping in the International Journal of Environmental Studies.
Histogram of Okavango Delta visitors’ income from Mladenov et al.

HOORC researchers Joseph E. Mbaiwa and Dr. Gagoitseope Mmopelwa joined colleagues Natalie Mladenov, John Gardner, Nicholas Flores and Kenneth Strzepk in an economic analysis, The value of wildlife-viewing tourism as an incentive for conservation of biodiversity in the Okavango Delta, Botswana published in Development Southern Africa. Dr Piotr Wolski made contributions to two conference proceedings with Interaction of density flow and geochemical processes on islands in the Okavango Delta, Botswana and, with Mike Murray-Hudson, Managing water abstractions for preserving the Okavango wetlands, Botswana.

Scanning electron microscope analysis of Kalahari soil particles from Wang et al.

And Professor Susan Ringrose participated in the review article, Biogeochemistry of Kalahari sands in the Journal of Arid Environments as well as in the International Journal of Remote Sensing's Proposed methodology for georeferencing and mosaicking Corona photographs with H. Hamandawana and F. Eckardt. All the publications may be found in HOORC's Library.

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