Monday, August 28, 2006

Journals available in HOORC's Library: Ecography

Ecography: Pattern and Diversity in Ecology, issued by the Nordic Ecological Society OIKOS, publishes papers focused on broad spatial and temporal patterns, particularly studies of population and community ecology, macroecology, biogeography, and ecological conservation. Three most accessed articles in 2005 were:

Novel methods improve prediction of species' distributions from occurrence data by Jane Elith et al

Illustrations and guidelines for selecting statistical methods for quantifying spatial pattern in ecological data by J. N. Perry, A. M. Liebhold, M. S. Rosenberg, J. Dungan, M. Miriti, A. Jakomulska, S. Citron-Pousty

The consequences of spatial structure for the design and analysis of ecological field surveys byPierre Legendre, Mark R. T. Dale, Marie-Josee Fortin, Jessica Gurevitch, Michael Hohn.

You can find Ecography content from 1992 to present at HOORC's Library through the University of Botswana's Library subscription databases.

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