Friday, July 14, 2006

Veterinary Cordon Fences

Photo curtesy of Danny McGahey

Danny McGahey, PHD candidate at the School of Geography-Oxford University Centre for the Environment (OUCE), shared his preliminary research findings today in a presentation at HOORC about the impact of veterinary cordon fences on rural livelihoods and environment in Northern Botswana. McGahey set out to establish if the introduction of veterinary fences in Northern Botswana encouraged more sedentary patterns of natural resources use and hence environmental changes. The impact of veterinary cordon fences on wildlife populations of the Kalahari has been subject to academic debate. However, no in-depth research has been conducted on the impact of veterinary fences on rural livelihoods and environmental change --thus, understanding this particular aspect would give a wholistic picture. You can find Northern Botswana Veterinary Fences: Critical Ecological Impacts by Arthur Albertson, in HOORC's Library.

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