Saturday, July 08, 2006

International ReSource Award for Sustainable Watershed Management 2007

Swiss Re, a reinsurance firm, launched the ReSource Award 2007 in March 2006. Established in 2002, the International ReSource Award actively supports the planning, evaluation and implementation of water-related projects with the aim of promoting awareness and encouraging the efficient use of water. The award, an annual competition for innovative watershed management projects, is worth USD 150 000 in total. It will be granted to one or several projects selected by an international jury. The prize money is to be used exclusively for project implementation.

NGOs, private, scientific or public institutions and similar bodies are invited to apply for the ReSource Award 2007. The award is looking for projects which genuinely seek to contribute to raising awareness of the ecological, social and economic significance of water sources and watersheds in developing and emerging countries. Preference will be given to those projects demonstrating innovative preventative measures for protecting water resources, ie projects that have a pioneering character in the local context (cultural, institutional or technological) and involve local community and/or regional institutions.

Submission deadline for 2007 is 31 July 2006. Contact:

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