Friday, February 17, 2006

SIMDAS students share research

Three graduate students participating in the SIMDAS (Sustainable Integrated Management and Development of Arid and Semi Arid Region of Southern Africa) programme at HOORC have been presenting the draft proposals for their Phd research here at HOORC over the past few weeks. The final proposals will next be formally reviewed by the Department of Environmental Science of the University of Botswana.

Maideyi Meck is studying the impacts of land use cover changes on water quality in the Save headstreams in Zimbabwe with her case study of mining alkaline rocks.

Jonathan M. Kampata is looking at effects of land use-land cover change on dry season flows of the western headstreams of the Zambezi river in Zambia.

Charles Mulakozi's case study of waterfowl in the Malagarasi River basin in Tanzania will consider the effects of land use cover change on biodiversity.

The SIMDAS programme is a UNESCO project with participants from all 14 member states of SADC. The Headstreams component of the programme provides support to postgraduate students working in hydrology and ecology.

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