Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New in HOORC's Library: FAO State of the World's Fisheries

The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture is the Food and Agriculture Organization Fisheries Department's premier advocacy document, published every two years with the purpose of providing policy-makers, civil society and those who derive their livelihood from fisheries a comprehensive, objective and global view of capture fisheries and aquaculture, including associated policy issues. The 2004 issue, now in HOORC's library, questions government regulatory approaches to African fisheries in African freshwaters: are small scale fisheries a problem?, on pages 131 to 137 of the report. It uses findings of a study published in 2003, Management, co-management or no management? major dilemmas in southern African freshwater fisheries , to argue that economic analyses based on how people react and respond to macroeconomic changes are as important to understanding fisheries development as those based on biological monitoring. You can find the report, as well as HOORC Research Fellow Keta Mosepele's thesis, Preliminary length-based stock assessment of the main exploited stocks of the Okavango Delta Fishery, in HOORC's library.

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