Friday, December 09, 2005

SIT student papers

Undergraduate students from several American colleges have been in and out of the HOORC library for the past month as part of this year's School for International Training (SIT) Study Abroad programme in ecology and conservation. Today they have been handing in their research project reports. Among the submissions were Hilary Murphy's study of commonly used medicinal plants in Shorobe, Liz Mering's analysis of the effect of soil nutients on mopane woodland structure, Peter Steinour's review of the use of indigenous edible plants in Shorobe, Andrew O'Connell-Shevenell's comparison of grazing habits of impala and Stefan Perazich's look at attitudes towards snakes in Maun.

SIT's Botswana Ecology and Conservation programme is coordinated by the University of Botswana Department of Environmental Sciences. Lecturers and project supervisors are drawn from the University of Botswana Main Campus, HOORC and the Botswana Wildlife Training Institute.

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