Friday, November 11, 2005


It is pouring outside HOORC for the second day in a row, changing the look of the landscape even before green grass begins to show. The francolins and hornbills have taken shelter and library visitors come in dripping. The runoff pipe is pouring forth, making us think about how to take advantage of the brief water wealth of this season. India's Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) runs a rainwater harvesting site that includes a runoff calculator for all the Indian states and water harvesting related links. Closer to home, the Southern and Eastern Africa Rainwater Network (SEARNET) will hold its Ninth SearNet Conference: 28th November - 1 December 2005, Definining Rainwater Harvesting Pathways beyond 2006, in Kigali, Rwanda. Last year's conference was held in Gaborone, following formation of the Botswana Rainwater Harvesting Association (BORHUA) in early 2004. Other Internet resources include the Global Development Research Centre's The Web of Rain, and OneWorldAfrica's rainwater harvesting page.

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