Friday, November 11, 2005

Joint venture tenders for Okavango controlled hunting areas

The Okavango Jakotsha Community Trust and the Xhauxhwatubi Development Trust have this week advertised in The Ngami Times invitations for tenders from Botswana registered companies for joint venture arrangements for the management of the Photographic Community Controlled Hunting Area NG24 and Community Multi-purpose Controlled Hunting Area NG49 repectively, for a five year period. Deadline for delivery of the tender documents to the Northwest District Council is December 2nd, 2005. Management of Controlled Hunting Areas falls within Part III of the Botswana Wildlife Conservation and National Parks Act. The act, the advertisement and a description of the management and planning process for these areas in the report, Management plans for controlled hunting areas allocated to communities in Ngamiland WMAs, can be found in the HOORC library.

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