Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Geoinformation and Sustainable Development 24th Interdisciplinary Conference

The Bonn 2018 conference especially focuses on Information Management for Nature Preservation, Biological Diversity, Landscape Protection, Risk and Resilience.


Nature Conservation, Spatial Ecology, Biological Diversity, Landscape Protection, Environmental Risks, Resilience, Wetland Habitats, Agriculture, Migrating Birds, Habitats, Biomes, Sustainable Development Goals, Marine Protected Areas, Desertification, Fisheries, Climate Change, Monitoring, Enforcement, Ecosystem Services, Biogeography, Environmental/Risk Impact Analysis, Synergies, Scenarios etc.

Target Audience:

Sustainability Science and Technology Experts, Governmental Agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations, Risk Reduction and Climate Change Experts, National and International Sustainability Aid Organizations.
Registration is open and you have the opportunity to join the discussion for future improvement of strategies, decisions and actions.

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