Monday, March 26, 2018

New Arrivals: Okavango Research Institute Library

   New books: Come grab them while they are still hot!!

333.917 OPP.Jeffery J.Opperman and Peter B.Moyle. Floodplains: Process and Manegement for Ecosystem services. University of California Press, 2017
577.1 EVE Mark Everard.  Ecosytem Services: Key Issues. New York: Routledge, 2017
363.73874 REI Paul Wapner and Hilal Elver. Reimaging Climate Change.New york: Routledge, 2016
577.55 BIO Edward Johnson A and Yvonne E.Martin. A Biogeoscience Approach To Ecosytems.Cambridge University Press, 2016
664.07 ANA.  Yiu-Chung Wong and Richard J.Lewis . Analysis of Food Toxins and Toxicants.Wiley John Wiley & Sons  Ltd: 2017.
363.346 . Ilan Kelman Jessica Mercer, and JC Gaillard .The Routledge Handbook Of Disaster Risk Reduction Including climate change Adaption.New York: Routledge 2017.
333.7 REE .Mark S.Reed and Lindsay C.Stringer. Land Degradation, Desertificatin and Climate Change:Anticipating Assessing and To Future change.NewYork: Routlegde2016.
363.69 BAR .Diane Barthel-Bouchier. Cultural Heritage and the Challenge of Sustainability.NewYork:Routledge2016.
591.53 BEA .Guy Beauchamp. Social Predation: How Group Living Benefits Predators and Prey. Academic Press2014
363.73874 MAN . Michaele E.Mann and Tom Toles. The Madhouse Effect Columbia University Press, 1893
003 YAC . Williams S. Yackinous. Understanding  Complex Ecosystem Dynamics:A Systems and Engineering Peerspective.Academic Press,2015
363.73874 WIL .Robert L .Wilby.  Climate Change In Practice; Cambridge University Press,2017
599.743 BAY .Marcus Baynes-Rock.Among  The Bone Eaters:Ecounters With Hyenas in  Harar,2015
338.4791 TIM . Dallen J. Timothy .Cultural Heritage And Tourism: An Itroduction,Library Of Congress.2011
597.176 MAT. William J.Matthews and Edie Marsh-Mattews.  Stream Fish Community Dynamics: A Critical Synthesis.John Hopkins University Press,2017
664.07 ANA. Yiu-Chung Wong and Richard J.Lewis.  Analysis Of Food Toxins And Toxicants;John Wiley & Boys Ltd,2017   

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