Thursday, January 18, 2018

Waterlilies, a plant steeped in history and tradition

In 2017,  Desert & Delta Safaris supported the Peter Smith University of Botswana (PSUB) herbarium. PSUB is making their collection of preserved plants useful and accessible to a wider public, including those who plan for and manage the future of the Okavango delta.

The legacy collection of specimens of the flora of the Okavango delta in northern Botswana housed at PSUB are gradually being prepared for digital scanning so that the digital image can be used to enter data into the BRAHMS database that is specifically designed for herbarium management. PSUB’s work focus this year has been on the personal collection of Mr. Peter Alexander Smith who spent more than thirty years living and working in Ngamiland. His collection of specimens dates back to the early 1970s, having digital images of them will remove the need to handle the actual specimens.

 As part of the project Mr. Mmusi Mmusi, one of the PSUB Herbarium Assistants wrote an article about the waterlilies of the Okavango Delta. For more information access the full article on the link below:

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