Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Different countries have set out dates to commemorate heritage. There are varying aspects of heritage hence the varying dates as set out by various countries. Different aspects of heritage such as monuments and sites, audio visual heritage and cultural heritage are observed by different countries throughout the world. In recognition of the importance of heritage to nation building, the Special Collections wishes to commemorate these days as a way to bring awareness to the public and clients of the need to protect, preserve and celebrate Botswana and Africa’s diverse heritage. In particular we draw reference to 18th April, a date set to commemorate the International Day for Monuments and Sites.

This day is celebrated by the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) and countries throughout the world following its approval by 22nd UNESCO General Conference in 1983. The 2017 theme is “Cultural Heritage & Sustainable Tourism”, chosen in relation to the United Nations International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development and in the context of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals

The University of Botswana Library-Special Collections Unit, in collaboration with the Okavango Research Institute would like to commemorate the International Day for Monuments and Sites on the 18th April 2017 and 20th April respectively, for the first time in history. The rationale for the commemoration of this day is to provide Information (creation, collation and processing), Education Communication (IEP) on Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Tourism as per the 2017 theme. A number of activities to commemorate the day have been outlined and these are to be shared between the Special Collections Unit and the ORI Library. Below are the activities:
  • §  Special Collections - An article (conceptual article on the importance of cultural heritage) to publish on the Special Collections blog, ORI library Facebook page and newspapers for awareness to the public (UB Horizon and ORI library newsletter).
  • §  ORI Library - A public lecture on cultural heritage and sustainable tourism followed by an open discussion hosted at ORI with the public invited. The rationale for the public lecture is to create a platform for researchers, industry operators and ordinary people to share ideas on best practice for sustainable tourism, challenges faced in ensuring sustainability of tourism and how to incorporate local cultural heritage and its preservation in a fast-changing world.
  • §  ORI Library - A collaborative material exhibition by UB-ORI library depicting documentation on cultural heritage, sustainable tourism, monuments & sites contained in these libraries. Another part of the exhibition will be in the form of artefacts by tourism vendors such as basket weavers, sculptors, painters (Artists) and souvenir shops of such speaking to the theme.
  • §  Exhibitors - A guided tour of stalls for attendees.

§  We hope to partner with Nhabe Museum and host the event at their venue.

  • *      Identify researchers to present on Cultural heritage and sustainable tourism- a learning curve for Botswana. The presenter can be from ORI or OKACOM or even a graduate student from ORI
  • *      Market the event-invite all stakeholders
  • *      Where possible organise refreshments
  • *      Invite libraries, information centres, booksellers, sculptors, artists and souvenir stores to exhibit their products in stalls for the attendees to be given guided tours
  • *      Take pictures (and video if possible) for documentation of the event

 We invite you to join us in marking this day with the international community. Any changes on the venue will be communicated immediately

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