Thursday, January 26, 2017

Okavango Research Institute researcher predicts more rain this year

One of our researcher, Mr Oliver Moses  has predicted a lot of rainfall in Botswana due to La Nino, which has affected the Equatorial Pacific region. Mr Moses was presenting his research findings dubbed "The Current Rains & Ocean - Atmosphere Interactions", during a stakeholder meeting in Maun. He said normal to above normal rain fall was expected between January and March this year.

The  main aim of the research was to update stakeholders on the current rains and to explain their connection with ocean-atmosphere interactions in relation to Botswana’s climate and also sensitize them about how the warming and cooling of the Equatorial Pacific Ocean influenced Botswana’s climate. 

Mr Moses revealed that generally, La Nina was associated with wet conditions, while its counterpart, El Nino was associated with dry conditions in Botswana. He said sometimes trade winds intensified causing an upsurge that is stronger than usual, resulting in temperatures that are colder than normal.
He explained that what happens in the oceans affects the weather in Botswana, adding that currently the country has already received more rainfall which caused havoc in some parts resulting in some buildings, roads and bridges destroyed.

·        Kgalagadi, Gantsi, Ngamiland, Chobe, Northern Central, Southeast, Kgatleng and Kweneng Districts:- Expected to receive Normal to above normal rains (Very wet conditions expected). Normal ranges from 100mm over Kgalagadi to 320mm over Chobe. 

·        Southern Central and North-East Districts:- Expected to receive above normal rains Extremely wet). Normal ranges between 180mm to 200mm.

The gathering was also briefed that in Ngamiland, there was a shift as rainfall started in November while generally rain season starts in October. The shift was caused by climate change adding that this season, the district experienced more rains in January.
“We have already experienced more rain in January and yet the season is not ending which means by the end of the season, the rains will be significant. This year there is a lot of rain coming,” he added.

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