Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Water Share Report

The choices we make today, and how we decide to manage our resources moving forward, will have long-term implications for nature and for people. This does not mean that we have to choose nature or people. The Nature Conservancy is committed to finding solutions that enable people and nature to thrive together—a world where we take care of nature so that nature can take care of us.

This report outlines a solution for managing scarce global water resources in a way that helps us meet the needs of people and nature. Today, irrigated agriculture accounts for a significant amount of our water consumption. If we can find ways to save just a small percentage of the water used on farms, it will free up a great volume of water that can be used for other purposes, including restoring depleted rivers and lakes. We believe that when water markets are paired with creative financial solutions, we can help provide a more water-secure future for cities, agriculture, industries and nature. 

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