Thursday, May 26, 2016

New Arrivals in ORI

Below are books that have been added to the collection.

005.55 KNA. Herschel Knapp. Introductory Statistics Using SPSS. Los Angeles: Sage, 2014.
005.55 LON. Kyle C. Longest. Using Stata for Quantitative Analysis. Los Angeles: Sage, 2015.
027 HAM. Mathew Hamilton and Dara Hanke Schmidt. Make It Here: Inciting Creativity and Innovation in Your Library. California: Libraries Unlimited, 2015.
300.72 DEN . Martyn Denscombe. Research Proposals: A practical guide. England : Open University Press, 2012.
300.72 QUA. Jane Ritchie, Jane Lewis, Carol Mcnaughton Nichollls & Rachel  Ormston (Editors). Qualitative Research Practice: A guide for Social Science Students and Researchers. Los Angeles: Sage, 2014.
333.76130954 INT. M.V.Rao,PhD, V. Suresh  Babu, PhD , K.Suman Chandra, PhD & G. Ravindra Chary, PhD (Editors). Intergrated Land Use Planning for Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development. Canada: Apple Academic Press, 2015.
338.1 GHO. Shamintra Ghosh. Sustainable Rural Development: Addressing Natural Resources, Agriculture Human Development, Health and Energy for Sustainable Development in Assam and North – East India . India : CreateSpace Independent Publishing, 2014.
338.4791 NEW. David Newsome, Susan A. Moore and Ross K. Dowling. Natural Area Tourism: Ecology, Impacts and Management. Bristol: Channel View Publications, 2013.
 371.58 GIL. Barry Gilmore. Plagiarism: A How – Not – To Guide for Students. Portsmouth: Heinemann, 2009.
378.73 CHR. Clayton M. Christensen and Henry J. Eyring.The Innovative University: Changing the DNA of higher Education from the inside out. San Francisco: Jossey – Bass, 2011.
401.4 KNO. Roeland Veld (Editor).Knowledge Democracy: Consequences for Science, Politics, and Media. New York: Springer, 2010.
519.5 REI. Howard M. Reid. Introduction to Statistics: Fundamental Concepts and Procedures of Data Analysis. Los Angeles: Sage, 2013.
519.535 EVE .Brian Everitt & Torsten Hothorn. . An Introduction to Applied Multivariate Analysis with R.  New York: Springer Science, 2011.
570.7 CUR. Jan Salick, Katie konchar & Mark Nesbitt. Curating Biocultural Collections: A Handbook. Richmond, Surrey, UK : Kew Publishing, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew ; St. Louis : in association with Missouri Botanical Garden, 2014.
 577.015118 BOL. Benjamin M. Bolker. Ecological Models and Data in R. New Jersey: Priceton University Press, 2008.
910.015195 BAG. Rodolfo Baggio and Jane Klobas. Quantitative Methods in Tourism: A Handbook. Bristol: Channel View Publications. 2011.

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