Friday, February 05, 2016

Sexual Transmission Is Just the Latest Zika Surprise

Information about the Zika virus now “spreading explosively" through the Americas seems to be changing every day and little of it is comforting.
Researchers reported that a Dallas resident contracted the virus during sex, rather than from a mosquito bite, raising new questions about the virus, which has been carefully followed for only a few years.
“This virus is very frightening,” said Didier Musso, who studied a 2013-2014 outbreak of Zika on the French Polynesian islands.
Many details about the virus remain mysterious, including its evolution, the likelihood of sexual transmission, and whether this risk will complicate the fight against it.
“It’s a very new disease. It would be possible to answer all the questions in 10 years, but not today,” said Musso, director of the emerging infectious disease unit at the Institut Louis Malard√© in Tahiti, which is in French Polynesia.
Though Zika was first discovered in 1947 in Uganda, only 14 human cases have been described in Africa and in Southeast Asia, where it apparently also spread to travelers.

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