Tuesday, January 12, 2016


ORI Library would like to wish its customers a Happy and Prosperous New Year. The library opened yesterday. The library would  like to appeal to all  potential customers to visit and register with the library to access information.

 Okavango Research Institute Library serves a broad range of customers which are:

  • ORI academic staff
  • ORI support staff
  • Local UB graduate students (working part-time)
  • Botswana Wildlife Training Institute faculty and students
  • Local businesses (safari, travel and hospitality)
  • Visiting researchers.
  • Government employees, Local NGOs, Consultants and Community at large

 Visit or call the following numbers for more information :

Contact Nos:

Tel: 681 7260 / 61 / 41
Email: ORI-Library@ori.ub.bw

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