Tuesday, November 24, 2015

New in ORI Library

 The following titles have been added to the collection:
  1. Grasses & grazers of Botswana and the surrounding savanna. Veronica Roodt. Struik   Nature: South Africa, 2015.
Beat about the Bush: Mammals. Carnaby Trevor. Jacana Media: South Africa, 2006.
.    Big Five: Of Africa. Gerald Hinde.  Struik Nature: South Africa, 2008.
.    Beat about the bush: Birds. Carnaby Trevor.  Jacana media: South Africa, 2008.
Simply Safari. Daryl & Sharna Balfour. Struik: South Africa, 2001.
African hunter. Mellon James. Harcount Brace Jovanovich: New York, 1975.
Voices of The San: Living in southern Africa today. willemien le  Roux and Alison White. Kwela books: Cape Town, 2004.
Tswapong sacred haunt of Eagles. Roodt Veronica. A Tim Liversedge Film, The Botswana collection.
Chiefs Island the Heart of the Okavango. A Tim Liversedge Film  The Botswana collection.
This is Botswana. Balfour Sharna. New Holland: London, 1994.
.    Licensed to Guide. Cazenove Susie. Jacana media : South Africa, 2005.
.    Botswana Baskets: A living Art. Botswana Craft Marketing,: Gaborone, 2010.
.    Roar: the stories behind the giant screen film lion of the Kalahari. Tim  & June Liversedge. Tim Liversedge productions:  Johannesburg, 2005.
.    Earth ark: A photographic safari through northern Botswana. Stock Hall Steven. Triple Green: South Africa 2008.
The Story of Life & the Environment: an African Perspective. Jo van As (et.al).  Struik Nature: South Africa, 2012.
.    Espanol / Setswana. Beauty Bogwasi, Gaborone, 2013.
.     Roberts Geographic Variation of Southern African Birds: A Guide to the Plumage variation of 613 Bird races in Southern Africa. Hugh Chittenden, David Allan & Weiersbye Ingrid. John Voelcker Bird Book Fund: South Africa .2012.
.    English/ Setswana Phrasebook. Bagwasi Beauty, 2014.
Mammals of Southern Africa: A Field Guide. Revised & updated by   Peter Apps. Struik Nature: South Africa, 2012.
The Story of Earth & Life: A Southern African perspective on a 4.6- billion a year journey, Terence Mccarthy Bruce & Rubidge. Struik Nature: South Africa, 2005.

21. Year of the flame bird. A Tim Liversedge Film.
22. The shell map of Moremi Game Reserve. Veronica Roodt.
23. The Shell tourist map of the Okavango Delta and Linyanti. Veronica Roodt.
24. Haunt of the fishing owl. A Tim Liversedge Film.
25. Botswana traditional recipes: A selection of favourite recipes for anyone who loves Botswana cuisine. Botswana Craft Marketing. 2007.
26. Prides the lions of Moremi. Peter Kat & Harvey Chris. Southern Book Publishers: Rivonia, 2000.
27. Botswana Traditional recipes with a twist. Botswana Craft Marketing: Gaborone, 2007.
28. Eye of the leopard. Beverly & Dereck Joubert. Rizzoli International Publications: New York, 2009.
29.  Africas ‘s finest: The most sustainable and responsible safari destinations in sub – Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. David Bristow & Colin Bell.  Green Safari.

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