Thursday, September 17, 2015

Forest Conservation Botswana (FCB) - Call For Concept Papers

Forest Conservation Botswana (FCB) is seeking Project Concept Papers for Forest Conservation Grant Projects in Botswana. 

The following Forest Conservation Activities are supported by the Fund:

  • Establishment, restoration, protection and maintenance of protected areas including Parks and reserves.
  • Development and implementation of scientifically sound systems of natural resources Management, including land and ecosystem management practices.
  • Training programmes to increase the scientific, technical and managerial capacities of individuals and organizations involved in conservation efforts.
  • Restoration, protection or sustainable use of diverse animal and plant species.
  • Research and identification of medicinal uses of tropical forest plant to treat human diseases, illnesses and health related concerns.
  • Development and support of the livelihoods of individuals living in or near forests in a manner consistent with protecting such tropical forest.
The full Project Concept Paper Template is available by request from Forest Conservation Botswana Offices 

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