Monday, August 10, 2015

The Africa Competitiveness Report 2015

The Africa Competitiveness Report 2015 comes out at an auspicious moment for the continent. Africa’s solid average growth rate of more than 5 percent over the past 15 years bears witness to the region’s impressive economic potential. A growing labor force and a large and emerging consumer market hold the promise of significant further growth opportunities. Yet myriad challenges need to be addressed in order to reap these potential gains. Africa’s growth path could be more equitable and broad based. Economies need to shift toward higher value added activities that will provide quality employment opportunities for their growing populations and lay the foundations for sustained growth. Africa has all the ingredients to make this happen, and decisions and actions taken today will determine whether Africa will succeed in achieving higher levels of prosperity. Published on a biennial basis, The Africa Competitiveness  report highlights areas that require policy action and investment to ensure Sustained growth. 

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