Tuesday, June 09, 2015

The many dimensions of Africa's digital divide

Internet access is essential to unlocking Africa’s future and opening up the economic and social opportunities that this global network of networks can bring. While there has been robust growth in internet usage across the continent over the past few years and adoption continues to climb, Africa still sits on the cusp of the internet revolution and much work remains to be done.

With Tunis as its backdrop, the future of the internet in Africa is set to take centre stage at the 2015 Africa Internet Summit where ministers, policymakers, business participants, civil society representatives and technology workers will gather to discuss the key internet-related development issues facing Africa today. They will also look at how different countries across the continent approach the digital divide.

Rwanda has long recognised the value of the internet in helping to transform its agrarian, lower-income economy into one that is both knowledge-based and middle-income. But having implemented the standard measures, with significant results, the government understands how bridging the digital divide is a truly multidimensional challenge. It is not enough to focus on developing the infrastructure to access the internet, it is also important to build the capacity to promote, develop and host content locally.

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