Friday, April 17, 2015

ORI -- Research Highlight

Socio-economic and environmental impacts of Jatropha cultivation and biodiesel production in Botswana.

Researcher : Prof. Donald L. Kgathi

This study will focus on the opportunities and risks of Jatropha production and use from a socio-economic and environmental viewpoint. The specific research objectives are as follows: 1) To assess the implications of the use of land for Jatropha cultivation on land rights for farm households. 2) To examine the potential impacts of Jatropha production and use on the local economy (e.g. household income generation, access to energy, education and other non-financial benefits 4) To examine potential financial costs and benefits associated with the production and use of Jatropha. 5) To assess the overall environmental balance of benefits and disbenefits of biodiesel production from J. curcas production such as those on biodiversity, water use, energy balances, and life cycle-based greenhouse gas emissions analysis. 5) To determine the potential contribution of the production and use of Jatropha biodiesel to energy security and the national economy.


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