Thursday, April 02, 2015

Dips toxic to oxpeckers

BirdLifeBotswana‬ have recently come across increased use of livestock dips which regrettably kill many birds (notably oxpeckers, kalatshomi in Setswana) that feed off the dead ticks on your livestock. To this end, we thought to share the list below of dips which are non-toxic to oxpeckers, and those which regrettably kill these useful birds (which when alive, further supplement dips and remove ticks from your livestock).
Dips toxic to oxpeckers
Agricura Blowfly Dressing, ...Bacdip Aerosol, Bacdip, Bostan, Bovitik-Plus NF, Bromfos, Cooperson, Daz-Dust, Dazzel NF, Delnav DFF, Diasdip 30, Diazinon DFF, Disnis NF Dip, Econodip 30, Karabadip Spray, Lujet, Luprinex, Milborrow Wound Aerosol, Milborrow Wound Oil NF, Ovipar Sheepgoat Dip, Porect, 61XA-Side, Steladone 30 Cattle, Sheep and Goat Dip, Sumifleece Sheep and Goat Dip, Sumiplus, Supamix DFF, Supona 30 Cattle Dip, Supona Angora Goat Dip, Tick and Maggot Oil, Tick dressing ‘S’, Tiguvon Spotton, Topclip Orange Shield, Topclip Purple Shield, Topclip Silver Shield, Zeropar, Zipdip.
Dips non-toxic to oxpeckers
Agricura Tick Grease, Bayopet Tick Rinse, Bayticol, Blitzdip, Curatik Cattle Dip, Deca-Spot, Decatix Cattle Sheep and Goat Dip, Decatix Cattle Spray, Dipatik, Drastic Deadline, Ektoban, Grenade Cattle Dip and Spray, Hosadip, Librekto, Paracide, Stopatik, Sumitik Cattle Dip, Super Golden Fleece, Triatix TR, Triatix LS, Triatix Cattle Spray, Triatix wettable powder for cattle spray.
So, choose your dips wisely and help conserve oxpeckers, which are providing a free tick-removal service! If you want more info, email us , call 3190540 (ask for Bethel, or Kabelo) or visit

Please share this note as widely as is possible!

Dr Kabelo Senyatso, Director, BirdLife Botswana

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