Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Visiting elephant causes concern!

THE lone bull elephant that has been making its way across commercial and game farms in the Hochfeld and Omitara areas of Namibia for the past two weeks is causing increased concern.
While some farmers in the area were thrilled at the sight of the pachyderm on their land, several people have pointed out that the elephant’s life could be in danger as a result of human-animal conflict.
The concern rises from the fact that the elephant will “inevitably” cause some type of damage to farm infrastructure such as fences or water installations, and as a result, farmers and government could deem it a ‘problem animal’, with fatal consequences.
The backlash could be severe. As a result of complaints, the elephant could be marked as a problem animal, and killed.
However, Colgar Sikopo, head of the Directorate of Regional Services and Parks Management yesterday dismissed these concerns, and said that the ministry has no reason for now to take steps against the elephant’s presence there.
He said that ministry officials are closely monitoring the movement of the elephant, and that thus far, he has caused minimal damage and there is no reason to interfere with his passage.
Sikopo admitted that last week a farmer in the area lodged a complaint, claiming that the elephant had damaged his boundary fence. An MET team was dispatched and reported back that the elephant had caused only “minor damage”, Sikopo said.
Sikopo said that as far as the ministry is concerned, the elephant is moving in its natural habitat and there is no reason for the MET or the farmers to be concerned about its well being or right to be there.

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