Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Water Security for Policy Makers and Practitioners Short Course 10–14 June 2013

The University of East Anglia, Norwich UK is offering a short course on "Water Security for Policy Makers and Practitioners". The course is designed for entry and mid-level water and development policy-makers and professionals in government, donor, NGO or implementing agencies, environmental journalists, consultants and activists wishing to take their knowledge of water resources further.
The course will provide policy-makers with comprehensive background knowledge relevant to the increasingly important policy challenge of ‘water security’. The course will explore how the multiple levels of water security – human, community, state, international and global – require broad but considered policy inputs. Emphasis will be placed on the inter-dependencies of different sectors (climate security, food security, energy security) that interact within a ‘web’ of water security. The implications for national security and human security will be interpreted through an appreciation that water security for some can mean water insecurity for others. Emphasis will be placed on the importance of shifting global climate and trade patterns.
Participants are expected to acquire a wide variety of tools and analytical frameworks from a variety of disciplines. While the focus is on policy, the extensive field and analytical competence of the lecturers ensures that participants benefit from grounded theory and experience. Participants can expect to leave the course with an ability to critically assess and address current water security policy, to gain an appreciation of the relations between water security and energy, climate, food, human or national security and to have extended their networks and resource base.

This course will be held at the University of East Anglia, Norwich UK from the 10–14 June 2013 for a fee of £1,500 (inc. of accommodation). See details attached or visit our website

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