Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mixed reactions to Botswana's new science, technology and innovation policy

Botswana's new science, technology and innovation policy has drawn mixed reactions, with some parliamentarians and researchers praising the policy, whilst others dismissing it as too weak to stimulate the development of the country's science sector.
The policy paves the way for the establishment of three science and technology bodies  council, fund and directorate  to oversee for the country's research and development. In the words of Joseph Mbaiwa, an Associate Professor at the Okavango Research Institute , "It's a key policy that we have been waiting for," and with  new funds available, R&D could be scaled up for positive impact on the lives of the citizens, he added.  However,  Isaac Masonde, director of research and development at the University of Botswana, said the policy was "a positive step forward, although it is coming too late in the day when people are already set in their ways of doing science".
According to Masonde, the policy looks good on paper but will fail without the institutions and socio-economic environment necessary for its success. Full link to article available here.

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