Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Responsible research evaluations needed for scientists

In this article, scientists are advised to evaluate societal as well as economic implications of new research and innovations at the outset of their project. It goes on to explain that the concept of 'responsible research and innovation' (RRI) is integral to these evaluations, and could lead to a more socially sensitive and inclusive research, especially on new technologies. RRI has four main characteristics — it should: anticipate the intended and unintended social consequences of research; be inclusive by opening up new perspectives from other disciplines; be reflexive by examining the assumptions underlying a research idea; and be responsive to issues linked to research. In the words of  René von Schomberg, a scientific policy officer at the European Commission's directorate general of research, governance and ethics unit,  "RRI is a transparent, interactive process by which society and innovators can mutually respond to each others' views".

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