Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Winter course proposals presentation

Last week the winter course students got a chance to present their proposals for their projects. This winter sourse is aimed at strengthening applied research skills of University of Botswana's 3rd year undergraduate students and it involves classroom instruction followed by the development and presentation of a mini projects proposal, undertaking field/lab-work, data processing, report writing and presentation to ORI staff. All mini projects are undertaken in the context of on-going research programs/projects at the Okavango Research Institute (ORI).Before their field work, students have to present their proposals to ORI staff members for approval. The prosals made were as follows:  a) Analysis of factors influencing the persistent shortage of portable water in Maun, Botswna, b) Analysis of factors influencing high level of poverty amongst basket weavers in Etsha 6 community Ngamiland, Botswana ; c) Factors associated with crime rate in a tourist destination community: The case of Maun, Botswana  d) Analysis of factors associated with the low uptake of early warning scientific weather information by local farmers in the Okavango Delta, Botswana e) Analysis of factors influencing the low uptake of flood risk information in flood prone communities of the Okavango delta, Botswana  f) Cattle marketing in Ngamiland 7 and  Factors influencing persistent human carnivore conflict in western Tutume District, Botswna

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