Tuesday, June 05, 2012

. A study has warned that parts of the developing world, particularly countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, will suffer food shortages if their planned biofuels targets are implemented by 2020. Using a simulation model for different economic factors, including type of feedstock, the researchers found that the expansion of biofuels would cause a moderate decrease in world food supply, and more significant decreases in certain developing countries. Govinda R. Timilsina, a senior economist with the World Bank, maintained that the impacts of biofuels depend on a country's economy, energy, and agricultural sectors. "Countries that do not produce enough biofuel feedstock but have ambitious biofuel targets — such as India's 17 per cent mandate — would not benefit, because they would have to import most of the feedstock," he said. Timilsina said unless unused fertile lands in developing countries are utilised, more farmers may convert food cropland into biofuel feedstock

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